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Generally speaking, women's stainless steel watches will fog up, mostly in two ways: a layer of fog attached to women's stainless steel watch glass, or the glass obviously has condensed water droplets. If it is just a layer of moisture, the episode is light, and there is no need to worry too much.

But if the condensation into obvious water droplets, it is necessary to pay attention to it and take measures. How to deal with it in a correct way?

Ⅰ. Reasons for the steaming of ladies stainless steel watch glass

Sometimes there's steaming in our watch glass, and it will disappear after a while. About that, you need to know that the inside of the watch is not a vacuum, but it is full of air.

So when we take our ladies stainless steel watches from the cold outdoors to indoors, they may fog up. If it occurs only occasionally, it will not affect the performance and the accuracy of the ladies stainless steel watches.

Ⅱ. Details of steaming on ladies stainless steel watch's glass

If your watch often appears to be fogging up the watch glass, you should consider whether the ladies stainless steel watches have soaked in the water. Watch used for a long time, the waterproof rubber ring of the watch will be aging, which may lead to the problem of water in the watch.

Watches should be kept away from wet or watery places as much as possible during use. Generally, automatic stainless steel watches should be tested for water resistance once a year. If your watch fog up constantly, it is recommended to send it to a watch repair shop for testing to see if your watch is waterlogged.

Ⅲ. The solution to the steaming on the ladies stainless steel watch's glass

The best way is to go to the watch repair store to clean the watch. In general, when we encounter stainless steel mechanical watch glass fogging in life, we must first pull the axis of the watch to adjust the time to the outermost (to adjust the position of the watch hour hand), put it in the box with a packet of desiccant inside (generally bagged cookies inside), after a few days it will be fine.

The fogging of the watch glass does not affect the watch's performance and its accuracy. Still, if the ladies stainless steel watch is often fogged up, you should pay attention to it and send it to a professional maintenance point for repair in time to make the life of the watch longer.

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