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Ⅰ. Are watches with big watch dial more popular?

The size of the watch has always been a problem that many watch fans struggle with before buying a watch. Over time, more and more watches with large watch dials have appeared in our vision. At the end of the 1990s, the size of men's watches was mostly 37-39 mm. A few years later, the size rose to 41-44 mm. Today, we can see many 45-48 mm (or even larger) watches. It can be seen from this change that large-sized watches are becoming more and more popular, and this change is not only demonstrated on men's watches but also women's watches. At present, in order to cater to the needs of consumers, all kinds of big dial watches for ladies and men on the market are constantly introducing new ones, which has also driven the sales of related watch face parts.

Ⅱ. The development history of big watch dials

For the time being, let's not talk about the impact of the size of the watch on the wearing, nor talk about who the large dial is more suitable for wearing. Today, let's analyze the reason why the watch began to develop in the direction of large size.

1. To respond to market demand

Many watch enthusiasts often dispute the size of the watch. Some people think that the small watch dial looks soft and weak, more like a watch worn by a lady or a little boy. Some people think that the big watch dial is silly as if the wearer can't wait to show off. It can be seen that people still have great enthusiasm for the topic of watch size.

But in fact, the size is relative, there is no real good or bad size. If your wrist can afford to wear a 42mm watch, and you feel suitable for your hand, then you will naturally feel " un oversized". The size doesn't matter, the most important thing is "fit".

Therefore, one of the factors in the birth of the super-big dial is to respond to the needs of people with thicker wrists and strong physiques. After all, there is a market if there is demand.

2. Once you choose a big dial, you will love it

Perhaps many people have this experience: After using a large-screen mobile phone, it is difficult to accept the narrowness of a small-screen mobile phone, and the same is true for watches. Once you start to wear a larger watch and then look back at the small watch dial that you once loved, you will feel that the watch is too petite as if something is missing, and you may even think that it is no longer matching of your current self.

3. Modern taste

Firstly, in the late 1990s, actors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Coast and Sylvester Stallone wearing Panerai Luminor attracted a lot of media attention. Because their role as tough guys is good enough, it also directly affects people's watch purchase choices. People fall in love with the big watch dials exclusively for tough guys. Watches are considered to be the only accessories for men, so people tend to choose watches with larger sizes that can better set off their masculinity.

Secondly, not only men but with the popularity of the "BF style" in the fashion circle in recent years, women have begun to like neutral and independent items that can blur the weak side, such as big boyfriend shirts and oversize T-shirts. In the choice of watches, they naturally began to favor watches with large dials and stronger men's styles. Therefore, the traditional men's watch of 36-40 mm has gradually become one of the choices of women.

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