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1. How to choose a custom watch manufacturer

If you want to customize a watch, how do you choose custom wrist watch suppliers? What is the watch customization process? As an experienced and reputable watch manufacturer, Leedon watches are trustworthy in terms of quality and service. In the customization process, we will provide different customized solutions for each customer according to their needs.

Some people may ask, why do you have to go to Leedon because there are so many custom watch suppliers? Of course, shopping around is the truth that everyone knows. Leedon also recommends that customers visit more custom watch manufacturers. By comparison, you will know which manufacturers are truly powerful and which are just exaggerations on the Internet. At the same time, we also welcome customers to visit the factory. The real strength lies here, and the quality is visible and tangible.

Leedon has a wealth of experience in watchmaking; in terms of design, he integrates eastern and western aesthetics, simple and elegant, and adheres to the design concept of "international experience, regional practice, and design enhance value", creating project results in various styles.

2. The watch customization process

Find the right custom watch supplier-communicate with the watch custom manufacturer service staff about the style you want to customize-select the quotation-design drawing-confirm the design drawing-confirm the engineering drawing-sample-sample confirmation---order confirmation---mass production---inspection---after-sales service.