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1. What is the purpose of the chronograph of the stainless steel dive watch

The rotating bezel can be regarded as one of the important features of the diving watch, which can remind the diving time. They are marked with 15, 30 and 45 in scales. Since the general diving oxygen tank can only last for 45 minutes, some are marked with a 60-minute scale. The first 15 minutes are colored or specially marked, and divers will strictly observe a 15-minute safety stop during ascent to fully release the nitrogen absorbed from the cylinder.

Leedon is a watch manufacturer, whose stainless steel dive watch is a Japanese/Swiss automatic movement ultraluminous diving watch. The ultraluminous with the rotating ceramic bezel, bezel, dial, and pointer help people see the time more clearly while diving. There are 24 jewels in the movement. It has a rotating ceramic bezel with 120 links, which are marked with ultra-luminous. And it has a simple dome sapphire crystal mirror, as well as a single-sided anti-reflective coating.

In addition, the strap can be replaced, which makes the stainless steel dive watch more convenient to use. The watch adopts anti-shock protection technology. The movement is assembled and modified by hand-made with high performance and safety. At a glance, you can check whether the chronograph is running, stopped or reset, which helps improve the safety of divers.

2. How does the chronograph of the stainless steel dive watch work?

In general, the diving time can be known by looking at the corresponding bezel after the minute. It can be achieved by turning the bezel while diving so that the 0 scale on the bezel is aligned with the minute.

Due to oxygen limitation, countdown reminders are crucial for divers. If it floats too fast due to lack of oxygen, it can cause decompression sickness. Therefore, the chronograph is a very clever and practical function. The rotation of the outer bezel is mostly designed in a single counterclockwise direction. Currently, the latest design uses a safety switch to control the arbitrary rotation and lock of the bezel.

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