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What are the types of quartz stainless steel electronic watches, and what are their characteristics? Whether you are a professional for the watch or a novice, you should be familiar with electronic watches. Because electronic watches are cheap, have accurate timing, and don't need to be wound every day. They are very popular with consumers.

However, since the electronic watch is about the electronic, it has some different requirements from mechanical watches when worn. But its operation is still relatively simple. This is an epochal leap in the watchmaking industry for consumers. So do you know the types of quartz stainless steel electronic watches, and what are their characteristics?

Ⅰ. Introduction of the quartz stainless steel watch

The basic part of an electronic watch is composed of electronic components. The working principle of electronic clocks is designed based on the physical phenomenon of "electricity generates magnetism and magnetism generates electricity".

Electrical energy is converted into magnetic energy. Then magnetic energy is converted into mechanical energy, which drives the hour and minute hands to move to achieve the purpose of timekeeping.

Electronic watches can be divided into digital quartz stainless steel watch water resistant, analog quartz stainless steel electronic watches, automatic quartz watches, and solar-powered watches.

Ⅱ. Types of quartz stainless steel watches

1. Digital quartz electronic watch

If a watch combines the piezoelectric effect of a quartz crystal and a bipolar liquid crystal display, its function is controlled entirely by electronic components.

2. Analog quartz watch

The energy of quartz stainless steel watches comes from silver oxide button batteries. After the silver oxide button batteries provide a specific voltage to the integrated circuit, the oscillator circuit and the quartz resonator are used to vibrate the quartz oscillator to form an oscillator circuit source.

The electrical signal with a frequency of 32768 Hz output from the oscillation circuit enters the frequency divider circuit, passes through 16-level frequency division to generate a 0.5 Hz pulse signal, passes through the narrow pulse circuit to output the pulse signal, enters the drive circuit for amplification, and forms an alternating change signal. The two-way pulse signal causes the stepping motor to rotate intermittently and the transmission gear train, allowing the quartz stainless steel watch hands to display the time accurately.

3. Automatic quartz electronic watch

It combines an automatic watch with a quartz stainless steel watch. Its power is derived from the wearer's arm movement, which causes the mechanical disc in the watch to rotate. The kinetic energy produced drives the built-in micro generator motor, which converts it into energy sufficient to power the quartz device in the watch. And the electricity will be stored in miniature capacitors as excess energy.

After the continuous improvement of advanced technology, this design, which uses mechanical energy to convert into electrical energy, can continue to operate for dozens of days when it is full of energy.

Automatic quartz stainless steel watches combine the convenience of automatic watch winding with the precision of quartz stainless steel watches and are more environmentally friendly because they do not require batteries. An increasing number of brands are producing this type of watch.

4. Light kinetic energy electronic watch

Solar cells are made of pure silicon wafers, which are specially processed to form two skinny layers. Light energy can be converted into photocurrent and light voltage when sunlight or light shines on the surface of silicon wafers.

The current flows from the high-voltage solar battery to charge the low-voltage quartz stainless steel watch battery. There are diodes and resistors inside the watch to act as a buffer to protect the watch battery and its life from excessive voltage flowing into the watch from the solar battery.