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Many people like to wear watches in their daily life. As time goes on, there will be many scratches on the watch case and stainless steel watch straps. It will affect the watch. Therefore, it is necessary to polish and repair the watch. And many friends do not understand the processing method of watch polishing. Today let me introduce it to you.

Ⅰ. Methods of polishing the watch surface

When we wear the watch for a long time, the surface of the watch is really easy to be scratched. It can not completely avoid even the most careful man. Some cuts are minor, while some are more severe. If the watch is scratched by sharp objects, the scratch must be deep.

1. When we deal with the local depth scratches on the watch case or stainless steel watch straps, we should use the oilstone to polish on local. This should be done under a magnifying glass in order to smooth the cut evenly. When scratches are basically smoothed, we can choose the appropriate size of sandpaper, grind along the original sand lines. Usually, this pattern is radially centered on the dial. Therefore, we should do it slowly and carefully, so that the effect will be good to be realistic. It is suggested to choose the sandpaper which is used in the jewelry industry. Imported sandpaper is better.

2. The hand-held tool should also be carefully selected, and it is best to use hemostatic forceps in the surgical operation. Just take a small piece of sandpaper, fold it in half, clamp it with hemostatic forceps, and pull sand parallel to the original pattern. Sapphire glass is harder, so you can leave it out. But watch case and watchband are stainless steel. We should pay attention not to rub it. And we can cover it with adhesive paper when necessary.

3. For the watch technology of China watch manufacturer, be sure that all the sand lines have to be straight all the time. And they are from the center of the dial, and radial. If we want to remove the scratches on the stainless steel watch case and stainless steel watch straps or do a facelift beauty for the surface of the watch, we can use this method. A straight-line shape is easier to do. If the lines are concentric circles, we should use electric machinery to do it.

Ⅱ. How to clean the watch

1. Generally speaking, mechanical watches should be maintained at least once in 2 to 3 years. When maintaining the watch, we should take all the stainless steel strap, cusn8 watch case, and other parts of the watch out, wipe the movement with gasoline, and then clean the other instruments in the watch with professional equipment, and finally oil, assembly.

2. Seawater, saltwater, perfume, shampoo, nail polish, nail polish remover, and other cosmetics containing chemicals will corrode the gold-plated layer and metal surface of the watch. So please keep your watch stay away from these substances.

3. We should polish the watch case when cleaning the watch. Because the watch has a high requirement for technical parameters, cleaning it needs to be very meticulous. After such a complex professional cleaning, the old watch can be turned to 80% new.

4. Watch polishing also has certain requirements for professional technicians. Polishing is very meticulous work. Be sure to choose a professional regular watch repair center, to ensure the quality of the watch polishing and safety of the watch.