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Exactly how the Swiss-made watches are very mysterious to us, except for the precise and subtle mechanical parts, those parts are so small that they are almost invisible to the naked eye. So how did they turn a piece of steel into a precision watch? Firstly, let's take a look at the structures of women's stainless steel watches.

Roughly speaking, a watch is composed of basic components such as a watch case, a looking glass, a dial, a bezel, a strap, a hand, a handle, a watch-bottom, and a movement.

(1) Looking glass

The function is to protect the surface (dial), and the material of the looking glass is generally inorganic glass (mineral glass), plexiglass (acrylic), and sapphire glass.

(2) Watch case

The role is to protect the watch's movement from dust, liquid, or shock damage while giving the watch a beautiful appearance. Nowadays, due to the breakthrough of materials driven by technological development, there are many materials for watch cases on the market. Such as early cheap alloy shells, steel shells, copper shells, precious metal shells, ceramic shells, titanium metal shells, sapphire shells, titanium shells, carbon fiber shells, etc., which are relatively popular in recent years.

(3) Strap

There are belts and metal belts, cloth weaving, ceramics, and so on. The choice of straps of the women's stainless steel watches should generally match the case, and what kind of strap is selected for the case of which material is selected. There is one exception, that is, the case of any material can be matched with the leather strap, and the effect is ideal.

(4) Bezel

The function is to lock the looking glass. There are roughly two types: one is the fixed type, which can provide a beautiful appearance; the other is the one-way rotating type, which is mainly used in sports watches, as long as its 0 hand is moved to the minute hand, the overlapping time can be calculated.

(5) Dial

It is mainly used to display the time, and it is also related to the design of the watch. The dials of women's stainless steel watches can be designed in different shapes and materials, and the time scale can also be simply lacquered or embossed. The dial material is generally made of copper, aluminum, paper, etc. The dial design of a watch is also very important, just as important as a person's face. The same case, with dials of different patterns and materials, can achieve different effects.

(6) Hand and crown

The hands are an important part of displaying the time. Generally, there are three types of hands: the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand, except in special cases. For example, ultra-thin watches generally only have an hour and minute hands, and the second hand is optional according to the situation of the movement. The crown is an important part for adjusting the hour hand (time) and date (calendar), mostly manual.

(7) Buckle

It is convenient for people to disassemble the watchband, and the watchband can be fixed to the wearer's wrist. The materials are as diverse as the case, and there are roughly folding buckles, butterfly buckles, double safety buckles, and pin buckles on the watch.

(8) Watch-bottom

The role of the watch-bottom of the ladies stainless steel watch is to fix the movement, dustproof and waterproof. Nowadays, most mechanical watches are equipped with a transparent looking glass on the bottom to see the movement. Of course, some watches use a metal watch-bottom for sealing, and the back of the watch-bottom can be laser, oil pressure, corroded with text and patterns, and there are generally three ways to assemble it with the case.

① Press the watch-bottom and press it directly in to fit tightly with the case (poor water resistance).

② Screw the watch-bottom, the case, and the watch-bottom are screwed tightly (strong waterproof).

③ Screw the bottom cover, the watch-bottom is fixed with screws (generally waterproof).

(9) Movement

It is the most important part of the watch and the heart of the watch. According to the different functions, the movement can be roughly divided into three types:

① Quartz movement: When the quartz crystal is affected by battery power, it also produces regular vibrations. It brings us the exact time with crystals that continually "vibrate" periodically.

② Automatic mechanical movement: The power of the self-winding movement is driven by the weight of the oscillating weight in the movement. When the arm of the ladies stainless steel watch swings, it will drive the oscillating weight to rotate. At the same time, the mainspring in the watch is driven to wind the watch and drive the time.

③ Manual mechanical movement: By turning the crown of the watch, the mainspring in the watch movement is fully wound. After the spring is fully discharged, the gears are driven to run, and the hands are moved.

A mechanical watch is mainly composed of a mainspring system, a gear transmission system, a control mechanism, and a balance spring system. The automatic mechanical watch has one more automatic gyro device. Generally speaking, mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz watches due to the characteristics of the movement. The quartz movement is completed by the automated assembly in the factory, and everything is machined. The mechanical movement is different, many parts need to be done by hand, such as the grinding, decoration, and cutting of parts, and the requirements of each part are very strict and meticulous, so as to ensure that these parts can run in the case for a long time.