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Ⅰ. Women's water resistant watches should also pay attention to waterproof protection

Modern watches are rich in styles, whether they are men’s waterproof watches or women's water resistant watches, the waterproof performance of the watch has reached a certain level. Basically, the occasional encounter with water in life will not have much impact on the watch. However, sometimes it may be that we are negligent or careless. Even if the watch is made tightly, it still has a layered structure after all. It is not completely integrated and airtight. Water molecules can break in as long as there is a gap.

Ⅱ. How do women's water resistant watches maintain their waterproof performance?

1. Water vapour condensation on the mirror surface represents a leak in the waterproof performance

For example, water vapour condensation starts to appear inside the mirror of a women's water-resistant watch. This is an obvious warning sign. At this time, it is recommended not to drag it, and to be checked and handled by the brand or repaired as soon as possible. Because once water vapour enters the internal moving parts, the durability of the watch will definitely be greatly reduced after a long time.

2. To be safe, it is best to check the waterproof performance once every 1 to 2 years

In order to prevent moisture and humidity from entering the inside of the watch, it is usually recommended to check the waterproof performance every 1 to 2 years. It is absolutely beneficial and harmless for the watch to take time to perform regular tests.

3. The inherent limitations of watch waterproofing

In addition, there are some inherent limitations of watches that will affect their waterproof performance. Even if the watch is a waterproof dive watch, when the wearer operates the crown or presses these parts underwater, this will more or less exceed the original design of the watch. The limit may make the watch affect their waterproof performance during operation, which is also something the wearer must understand beforehand.

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4. The basic concept of watch waterproofing that can be done in ordinary times

The basic waterproof actions that we can do in daily life are like remembering to restore them to their original positions every time the crown, the timing button, and the quick adjustment button are operated. Even if some watches emphasize the so-called multi-waterproof design of the crown, when we often forget to lock the crown after adjusting the time, water vapor may enter the inside of the case directly from the godson side after a long time.

In addition, some professional waterproof dive watches will have a screw-in design, but it should be noted that the prerequisite for the screw-in design to be strong is that it is in a screw-in state. If the operation is improper, there is still the possibility of damage.