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  • 316l Stainless Steel Case

    Dive watch cases often with 316L, 904L, CuSn8, Titanium, and so on. The design with 316L stainless steel. The stainless steel twisting back cover helps us to do good waterproof of it. Smoothly rotatin...
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  • Cusn8 Dive Watch Case

    CUSN8 is tin bronze containing iron and manganese. It belongs to high-strength heat-resistant bronze. It has stable mechanical properties at high temperatures (400°C), and has good anti-friction prop...
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  • Carbon Fiber Case

    Carbon fibers (alternatively CF, graphite fiber, or graphite fiber) are fibers about 5 to 10 micrometers (0.00020–0.00039 in) in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms. Carbon fibers have sever...
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Leedon Watch Case Materials

As a main part of the watch, the quality and frame often show the craft to customers. And often do it with stainless steel material, alloy, CuSn8, Titanium, and so on.