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Ⅰ. Reliability requirements for stainless steel dive watches

Diving is fascinating because of the infinite exploration of the unknown world under the sea. Due to the special environment of the deep sea, many special requirements are placed on divers. When a person dives underwater and is affected by water pressure, the rhythm of life continues to slow down. Gravity, downward acceleration, and increasing colour levels all continue to challenge divers. Under such extreme conditions, a reliable stainless steel dive watch is a prerequisite and important guarantee for safety, and the timer adds wonderful fun to diving.

Professional dive watches must have the following characteristics: Firstly, they must have excellent pressure and water resistance, that is airtightness. Secondly, the rotating bezel is one of the most important safety designs of dive watches, which is used to calculate driving time and measure the oxygen level. In addition, there must be luminous hands and scales that are convenient for reading the time on the dark seabed. Regardless of the case or the strap, use materials that are lightweight and comfortable to wear as much as possible.

In addition, if it is a professional dive watch with a water resistance of more than 1000 meters, it must have the function of "exhausting helium". Since helium molecules are smaller than water molecules, when the diver is under high pressure for a long time, helium molecules will penetrate into the waterproof watch to fill it with high-pressure helium. If the high-pressure helium gas cannot be discharged in a short time when returning to the surface, the watch will explode due to the high pressure.

Ⅱ. The design of the stainless steel dive watch

At present, the most commonly used watch is a stainless steel dive watch. Typical appearance characteristics: The case of a dive watch is generally relatively thick. The design is relatively simple, and complex geometric figures or multi-faceted designs rarely appear.

The design of the dial and hands of a stainless steel dive watch also needs to be concise and concise, to reduce unnecessary functions, and the shape and colour of the hands and scales are as eye-catching as possible. In order to enhance the underwater and dark environment of the watch, many dive watches use a black dial to contrast the fluorescent coating.

The bezel of the stainless steel dive watch is mostly a unidirectional rotating bezel with a fluorescent scale, which can help divers record the remaining oxygen in a countdown mode. Just rotate the bezel counterclockwise to start the countdown. When the bezel returns to its original position, it means that the oxygen is exhausted, and you should dive into the air before that.

The countdown of a stainless steel dive watch is similar to the timing of a chronograph. The scale of the dive bezel is 60 minutes and the scale interval is 5 minutes. Many brands of dive watches will be accurate to 1 minute in the first 15 minutes of the scale interval. The diver can calculate the time to leave the water based on the amount of oxygen before entering the water, and then rotate the bezel to rotate the inverted triangle symbol to the time of leaving the water, and then enter the water. As the minute hand moves to the inverted triangle symbol, the diver can directly see how long he can stay underwater. In addition to diving, it can also be used for timekeeping.

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