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Professional watches quality control process at Leedonwatch, to ensure the power quality.

We execute strict quality control. All of our watches can pass CE and ROHS. Our QC system includes QC, IQC, IPQC, FQC and QA. The QC staff are experienced and equipped with advanced machinery. We carry out a total quality control management system with all watches passing strict inspection before shipping.

1. All kind of watch accessories quality check:

a. Check case size, face, plating, and so on

b. Check hands quality

c. Check dial, including color, quality

d. Check movt quality

e. Check band/ strap quality

f. Check case back cover quality

g. Check buckle quality

2. Assemble watch case with movt quality check:

a. Check the time of the finished watch case with movt

b. Check if it is clear inside of the finished case

c. Check the assembly of the back cover

3. Waterproof quality check

4. Assemble band/ strap quality check

5. Clear all the watches, check all the quality at the same time

6. Package, check total qty.