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  • Sunray Dial
  • Sunray Dial
  • Sunray Dial

Sunray Dial

Sunray dial also can be called as Sunburst dial. The exquisite craft shows good quality. The sunburst dial has a golden hue to it creating a "sunburst" effect in certain light. The flat dial is just that.

  • Sunray Dial
  • Sunray Dial
  • Sunray Dial

Descriptions of Sunray Dial

Sunray dials are machine spun aluminum then anodized the finish color. Most watches use ceramic as the dial material with enamel finish.

Details of Sunray Dial

  • Grey background with sunray metal shine

  • Applied index makers with Swiss C3 luminous

  •  The thickness of dial often is 0.4mm

  • With date window in 3 position

Advantages of Sunray Dial

  • With exquisite metal shine

  • Welcome OEM designs

  • Welcome Pantone number for colors

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