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Ⅰ. Does the four seasons affect watch bands?

The changes of the seasons certainly have an impact on the watch band, especially in summer. There is no season that makes people sweat more easily than summer. Temperature and sweat will cause more direct damage to watches, watch bands and other accessories in this season. As long as you pay attention to and avoid the following situations, you can effectively avoid the watch mines in summer.

Ⅱ. Matters needed to be paid attention to when wearing a stainless steel watch bracelet in summer

1. Keep your watch band intact

After a whole winter, the leather watch band can safely retreat in the summer to have a good rest and let the chain watch band play. Wearing a leather watch band in summer can make people feel stuffy, so some people will change to a refreshing stainless steel watch bracelet. As for the leather watch band after replacement, remember to store it after maintenance and cleaning.

For the cleaning step, you can try to gently scrub the watch band with a toothbrush moistened with soapy water, then wipe it back and forth with a slightly damp cloth. When scrubbing, the soapy water should not be soaked in too much and should not be left for too long to avoid seeping into the watch band leather. The process of scrubbing and wiping must be completed in as short a time as possible. After cleaning, you can also try to put leather oil on the outside of the watch band to protect the watch band and prolong its service life.

2. Anti-corrosion and moderate cleaning

Many people mistakenly think that as long as you don't wear a watch for diving, you can avoid the problem of watch corrosion. But in the hot summer, you can't underestimate the corrosive influence of sweat. Once the stainless steel watchband comes into contact with salt water, you need to find time to rinse it with warm fresh water after you take off the watch. If it is not washed, the chloride in the salt water may cause some effects on the watch for a long time. Aren’t water and salt the components of sweat?

But don't worry too much about the salt water will corrode the watch, because usually we usually wear stainless steel watch bracelets, which are more common and corrosion-resistant materials. Whether it is common 316L stainless steel or 904L stainless steel, the results of long-term research have shown that they have strong corrosion resistance and can resist acid sweat corrosion. However, it should be noted that the gaps in the joints of the stainless steel watchband may accumulate dirt due to frequent wearing, which will affect the appearance and even stain the wrist. Instead, this place needs to be cleaned frequently.

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