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1. It is recommended to take off the original alligator watch strap, store it, and replace it with a calf leather strap of good quality, or seldom wear it as much as possible in summer but more often in winter. Usually, you can wipe some colorless lanolin on the strap, especially before long-term storage, which is the same as wearing leather shoes. If maintenance is not done for a long time, the effect will be different from that with the maintenance done for a long time.

2. When you take off and bolt the watch, the movement should be slow and gentle to avoid vigorous pulling; as the strap is often bent at a fixed position, do not pull it back in the opposite direction; if the strap often rubs against hard objects such as the desktop, it will accelerate the wear and tear of the surface of the strap, making it lose luster, which should be avoided as much as possible.

3. When you wear an alligator watch strap, do not tighten your wrists too tightly, but wear it in a moderately loose way to reduce skin contact and sweat erosion. No matter how good the leather is, no matter how careful the maintenance is, it will not stop the aging of the leather. If you find that the strap has been broken, you should not hesitate to replace it in time. The worn leather strap reduces the appearance quality and grade of the watch, which is widely divergent and may cause the hidden danger of losing the watch.

4. The alligator watch strap, also a consumable, is not solider than the calf leather strap. In addition to metal straps, good quality rubber straps are also more durable; the service life of an alligator watch strap that is often worn is usually 2 to 3 years. If the strap uses a "butterfly" buckle, the service life will be longer; if the needle loops into the buttonhole like a waist belt, it is most likely to crack from the bent part.

5. Sun exposure and frequent exposure to a lot of sweat will cause the greatest damage to the strap, as well as the erosion of moisture and water vapor. In this way, the leather is easy to become drying crack and hard, producing a bad smell, which is the same case as wearing leather shoes.