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High-end watches will use the top alligator skin as the strap, because the alligator watch strap is the most expensive of the leather straps, so there are many imitation alligator watch straps on the market. The real alligator watch strap has a unique surface texture that other leathers do not have, but the imitation alligator watch strap is faked by embossing the alligator texture of other types of inferior leather. There is also a low-end one that uses synthetic alligator leather texture, this material is often not genuine leather. If we buy a fake alligator watch strap with high cost, it's unworthy, so now we will learn how to identify genuine and fake leather straps.

Ⅰ. Find out the difference between the "alligator watch strap" and the "alligator pattern watch strap"

The alligator pattern watch strap is not the alligator watch strap, because it is just an imitation alligator pattern, and the material ranges from artificial leather to calfskin. The alligator pattern is a pattern made by pressing on the belt. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers generally only use one set of molds, a brand of alligator pattern watch straps generally have the same pattern. But the patterns of real alligator watch straps are different, even if there are several alligator watch straps of one brand, one model, and one batch, the patterns are also different. Because the pattern of alligator leather is like a human palm pattern, it is completely formed naturally and has natural differences, so the pattern of each alligator leather is unique. Cutting from different parts of a alligator leather, the strap pattern produced is even more different.

Ⅱ. Precautions when buying alligator watch straps

1. When buying quality watch straps, ask the store to take out a few more alligator watch straps for comparison.

If the texture of each is different, then basically 70% of them are alligator watch straps at this time. If the pattern of each is the same without any significant difference, then it is likely to be an artificial pattern, that is, other watch straps with alligator patterns.

2. Alligator watch straps need to be marked

There will be an alligator logo on the back of the strap: CROCODIE or ALLIGATOR, and some even have an alligator pattern. 

3. Look at the grooves between the markings on the surface of the alligator watch strap

The grooves between the markings of the imitation alligator watch strap are relatively shallow, while the real alligator leather is deep, and in the horizontal part of the markings, at the junction of the knots, there will be complex and dense folds, which are not smooth. Real alligator skin also has many small and irregular textures. This is the second natural wrinkle of an adult alligator. which cannot be artificially imitated. This is another feature that distinguishes natural skin texture from machine embossing.

4. Look at the changes in the markings on the alligator watch strap

The imitation alligator watch strap has a rigid pattern and the same pattern; the real alligator leather pattern has a gradual change from large to small, basically gradually becoming smaller from beginning to end, from rectangular to somewhat round or polygonal.

5. Use a magnifying glass to observe the surface of the alligator watch strap

If possible, you need to use a magnifying glass to look at the surface of alligator skin under good light conditions. If it is made of calfskin, the leather surface will have many densely packed tiny holes, while the surface of alligator skin is non-porous and smooth. In sufficient light, the alligator strap will emit lacquer light, while the cowhide strap is matte.

6. Look at the workmanship of the alligator watch strap

The alligator watch strap is an accessory of top watches. The workmanship of the strap should focus on the side of the strap, that is, the joint between the inside and the outside. Inferior ones often have gaps or cracks.