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How to adjust a stainless steel band/bracelet of watch?

Some people say that the stainless steel band/bracelet of the watch is acceptable as long as it looks good and how to extend the band/bracelet. There are many types and ways of watch straps. Among the metal band/bracelet, except for some fixed watch chains, most of them can be adjusted for unevenness and tightness, mainly by intercepting or adding band/bracelet sections.

The most common is to adjust the position of one end of the watch band/bracelet on the folding head. Generally, there will be a row of small holes on the folding head of the watch band/bracelet to indent or release the band/bracelet. It's just that you can't debug the end of the watch band/bracelet with the glyph movable bracket, but only the other end. If the debugging is improper, it will cause damage to the watch band/bracelet.

The new watch will be easier to wear. But for those watches that are a bit old, the band/bracelet are inconvenient to adjust. When the watch band/bracelet has reached its limit, you will feel tight. It is difficult to find the original band/bracelet section to lengthen the watch band/bracelet. You may be able to find accessories in second-hand watch stores, but it will cost you a lot of money.

For the "folding head" watch band/bracelet, there is a relatively simple way to lengthen it, that is to add an inner buckle in the folding head of the stainless steel band/bracelet. In fact, in the once Toyo watches, many new watches have such spare parts hidden in the folds. Whether to use it depends on your own situation, and you can adjust the "raw ear" at the time of use to make the watch band/bracelet come out, and you can do it yourself.

Therefore, when the old watch has an extended metal band/bracelet section and no accessories, you can refer to other straps and modify an extended gusset yourself. For the material, you can take it from the broken stainless steel band/bracelet, or you can find a stainless steel sheet of suitable thickness to make it;

The width of most of the band/bracelet folding heads is 18 mm, and the inner folding head should be made 17 mm, and the height should be adapted to hide it. Good-looking and firm appearance is the most important thing, mainly just the extension buckle and band/bracelet that are added. The original folding head must be tightly stitched, and decoration and polishing are necessary, and the focus is on its center.

The extension gusset should not be made too long, preferably about 20 mm. After the stainless steel band/bracelet is installed, it must have an overall aesthetic effect. The inside and outside are absolutely superimposed, and it cannot be moved up and down, nor can it affect the normal closing and opening of the band/bracelet.

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