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Ⅰ. Water in quartz stainless steel watch

Quartz stainless steel watches are common watches. But in our daily life, water is often put to the quartz watches, which will impact the service life. Today, we will introduce how to solve the water in quartz stainless steel watches.

Generally speaking, only three places can make a quartz stainless steel watch move into the water: the watch bar, the watch mirror, and the back cover. Quartz stainless steel watches waterproof device is also installed in these three places: the stem head with a rubber ring, the seal, the barrel, and other parts of the back cover threaded edge with a rubber ring, and make the watch mask tightly. With these designs, the watch is waterproof.

Many quartz stainless steel watch wearers do not know of watch maintenance. Here, Leedon Watch will introduce the three most commonly used methods for dealing with water in quartz stainless steel watches for the majority of quartz stainless steel watch lovers.

Ⅱ. How to deal with water in quartz stainless steel watch

1. If your quartz stainless steel watch gets into water, first wrap a small piece of calcium chloride or silica gel with gauze, then take out the watch cover, and finally seal the calcium chloride and quartz stainless steel watch wrapped with gauze into a plastic bag and box respectively. After waiting for half a day, you can take out the watch, finding that the water has disappeared. If the quartz stainless steel watch is flooded seriously with water, it can be placed for a day.

2. If there is too much water in the watch, you should send it to a watch repair store for repair.

3. You can also remove water by reflecting the mirror of your watch inward and the bottom of your watch outward and then wearing it back on your wrist for nearly two hours.

4. If there are water droplets in the watch cover, the parts will be corroded after a long time, and the accuracy of the pointer operation will also be affected. For this kind of problem, you can wrap the women's quartz stainless steel watch with a few layers of toilet paper or velvet cloth with better water absorption, put it near a 40 watt light bulb (about 5 cm), and bake it for about half an hour, the moisture in the watch will become Exhausted as water vapor.

After reading this article, we hope you have got some help.