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Nowadays people wearing watches have increased, not only because wearing watches  improves people's temperament but also it becomes a symbol of quality and social status. Watch bands are the general name used by watch industry insiders, which mean the effective part to fix the watch on the wrist. Below are some distinctions of different watch bands.

1. Metal watch bands

The material of metal watch bands can be divided into precious metals and other metals. Platinum and karat gold is the most popular precious metal used for watch bands. For watch bands made of other metals, they are mostly made of steel and titanium.

Precious metal watchbands: expensive and luxurious with meticulous workmanship, belonging to quality watch straps. This type is suitable for jewelry watches, etc., to be worn on special occasions.

The metal watch strap has the advantage of durability. Although it is afraid of oxidation, it is easy to cause scratches due to improper care during use. But compared to leather, rubber, and nylon bands, its useful life will be longer, and after simple handling, it can restore its brilliance as new.

2. Leather watch straps

There are quite a few types, and the price varies. There are alligator skin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, cowhide, sheepskin, and so on. Newer leather straps with water snakeskin. An elegant watch must be paired with a top leather strap to show the overall elegance.

The biggest advantage of leather straps is that they are skin-friendly. That is to say, in terms of wearing comfort, the leather strap is more comfortable, especially in the cold autumn and winter seasons, it feels warm and comfortable to wear. Compared with straps of other materials, leather straps are less likely to damage the skin and clothing. In addition to the material itself, the leather strap gives people the feeling of elegance and restraint. In daily life, it is more suitable for business occasions and gives people a more formal feel.

But the leather watch has one of the biggest shortcomings, that is, it is easy to wear, aging and fracture. Wearing it during the high temperature in summer is easy to get sweaty. Because the leather is generally impermeable and the craftsmanship of the leather watchband, after wearing it for a day in the hot summer, the circle of the wrist wearing the watch may become stuffy and sweaty. There is another reason that cannot be ignored. After sweating, the leather strap will produce a peculiar smell. This requires that when wearing the leather strap, you need to wipe it carefully with a slightly damp cloth on a regular basis to avoid a peculiar smell.

3. Canvas or nylon bands

The advantages of nylon and canvas are simple, practical, cheap, and easy to produce. And these materials feel good to wear, breathable, and comfortable. There are also many patterns in the design, so there is a lot of room to design.

The disadvantage of nylon or canvas watchbands is that they are not suitable for wearing on formal occasions; the material is easy to spin and fuzz. In addition, many people believe that nylon watchbands are the same as rubber belts, and that nylon watchbands are not as high-end as metal watchbands and leather watchbands, and they are relatively cheap. In fact, the nylon band is produced because of its lower cost and simplicity. Compared with its advantages, the low-end nylon material cannot be its shortcoming, and it is an excellent choice for sports watches.

4. Plastic watch straps

Plastic watch straps have the cheapest price, mainly with electronic fashion watches. The pattern design is diversified and colorful. Plastic watchbands are more common in children's watches, and most adults don't wear them anymore.

5. Silicone/rubber watch bands

Silicone watch bands(epecially FKM material silicone strap) are gradually being favored. They are mainly used for waterproof and diving watches, and their application will be more and more extensive in the future. Silicone/rubber has excellent physical properties: non-toxic, high and low-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, elasticity, and easy maintenance.

Silicone/rubber straps are generally used on sports watches because this type of material has an advantage that cannot be ignored. The flexibility of silicone/rubber is particularly good, and it is commonly referred to as "durable". In addition, its fashionable and dynamic features are also the reason why many people choose it. More and more high-end watches prefer rubber straps. The practical, easy-to-maintain, and stylish silicone/rubber straps have gradually become the newest factor in the watchband industry.