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There are more and more people wearing watches, and the steel band watch is the most popular. Usually, you can buy the right watch in the physical shop, but if you choose to buy it online, the size is often improper. At this time, you need to adjust the watch band, and how to adjust the stainless steel watch band has made a lot of people headaches. Here Leedon will introduce good ways to adjust the stainless steel watch band for you.

Ⅰ. How to use the adjuster of the stainless steel watch band

The watchbands of the watches are usually longer when produced from the China watch factory. When we get a new watch, the first step is to adjust the length of the stainless steel watch band. The most commonly used watch adjusting devices are strap adjusters and hammers. The following is how to use the adjuster:

1. Check the direction of the watch chain

2. Take out the watch nail

3. Reinstall the watch nail

Ⅱ. How to adjust the stainless steel watch band

1. When we dismantle the stainless steel watch band, first we should remove the pintle from the stainless steel watchband with the stainless steel strap adjuster. We can slowly rotate the watch handle, push the "pintle" of the watch out. At last, we can reversely push back the "pintle". When we open the watchband, we can use a special adjuster whose shape is in accordance with the watch. Put the watchband into the "unloading groove", push the "pintle" out according to the pintle interface on the adjuster. The removal of the stainless steel watch band is completed.

2. Stainless steel watch band and back cover is connected closely. Old-fashioned watches and personalized ladies watches are common with this structure. The repairman can use suitable tools, rotate the head of the adjuster to the outside, direct at the "Stainless steel strap connection buckle nail" and slowly turn the watch handle, push the "pintle" out. At last, we can reversely push back the "pintle". If not, you can pry up the back cover in the direction of the big gap between the buckle nail and the chain, and it is best to reciprocate pry up in the symmetrical direction, so as not to damage the back cover

3. Here, you need to pay special attention to the disassembled stainless steel strap section. You need to re-nail it with the bracelet nails, using the rubber head side of the small hammer to avoid accidentally hammering it on the watch.

4. The above is the adjustment method for the stainless steel watch band. People who like steel band watches won't worry about the inappropriate watch band will affect the appearance of the new watch. And now you can try these new methods.

The above is the specific introduction of "How to adjust the stainless steel watch band". Please keep focusing on our website for more information about stainless steel watch bands, and we will give you the most professional and detailed introduction. If you need our related products, please feel free to consult us. And we are looking forward to communicating with you.