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1. Use time of chronograph quartz watch

The chronograph quartz watch is very convenient and fashionable to use. Many friends like to wear quartz watches. But the power of the quartz watch comes from the battery. When the electricity is about to run out, we must replace it in time. How long can the quartz watch battery last? As a quartz wrist watch manufacturer, we have done a lot of tests. Let's take a look.

chronograph quartz watch is a battery-powered watch. The battery life depends on the movement used in the watch. The general battery life is 1 to 2 years. However, the service life of some lithium batteries  is about 5-6 years.

2. Under what circumstances does the chronograph battery need to be replaced?

In the current chronograph quartz watch, when the battery is about to run out and the voltage starts to drop, the second hand will pause for 4 seconds, and then quickly jump for 4 seconds. The watch pauses for 2 seconds, then jumps quickly for 2 seconds. ) This function is called EOL (BATTERYEND-OF-LIFEINDICATION). When this phenomenon occurs, the battery must be replaced in time. During this period, the watch can be used for another week to half a month. (The two-handed quartz watch does not have this function)

When the battery power of the chronograph quartz watch drops and the capacity is insufficient, the internal resistance of the battery will increase and the voltage will drop, especially when there is a large current output or the outside temperature is low, the watch will stop or suddenly appear slow or sometimes stop. It means it's time to change the battery.