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Ⅰ. Choose a wristwatch based on the function

Women's water-resistant watches are more common, but the waterproof levels are different. The commonly seen are 30M, 100M, and 300M. 30M is a daily waterproof watch, some are also marked as 3ATM or 3BAR. It can withstand a small amount of water from hand and face washing, as well as the falling rain.

The world time function means a watch with a cross-time zone function. This type of watch can be set to a new time zone simply by rotating the bezel to the time zone and releasing it again.

There are many types of women's water resistant watches. Women with thin wrists are not recommended to wear a solar-powered watch. This type of watch is usually large, which will make it looks bulky when it is worn on thin wrists.

Ⅱ. Choose a wristwatch based on the case

Stainless steel is a common watch case material. It can be divided into 316L stainless steel and 904L stainless steel. The 316L stainless steel case is hypoallergenic, which is easy to process, and the polished gloss is more delicate and shiny. The 904L stainless steel has stronger corrosion resistance and higher metal purity.

Bronze material has become popular in recent years. It has a classical appearance, and the appearance of the rusted copper case can give people a unique aesthetic feeling. Therefore, it is favored by many retro fans.

Sapphire has a high light transmission and high hardness. It is generally used for the glass surface and rarely used for the watch case. However, there are also a few manufacturers use artificial sapphire to produce watch case.

Ⅲ. Choose a wristwatch based on the strap

Metal watch straps can be divided into precious metals and stainless steel. Precious metal watch straps are usually more luxurious and finely crafted. They are mostly made of precious metal materials such as platinum, gold, and silver, and the price is relatively high. They are mostly used in high-end watches and are suitable for high-end occasions. Stainless steel watch straps have relatively moderate prices, and they are more durable. Leather will soften with body temperature, and it will be comfortable to wear on the wrist. However, sweat will affect the life of the strap. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to moisture and sweat when using a leather strap.

Ⅳ. How to maintain the watch

1. Wear it often. If it is not used for a long time, the movement of the watch will be damaged due to the non-operation of components. It will also affect the service life of the watch.

2. Regular maintenance. The watch needs to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, the dust and dirt will penetrate the components, which will great interference and damage to the components. In addition, the service life of the watch will also be affected.

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