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1. Gently wipe the appearance of the automatic stainless steel watch

After taking off the watch every day, we can quickly wipe the surface with a soft cloth. In this way, some excess water or other liquids accumulated on the watch during the daytime can be cleaned. If this can be done every day, the appearance of the automatic stainless steel watch can be relatively clean and refreshing. Over a long period, there will be a more obvious contrast between the watch with regular cleaning and the watch that is put aside after wearing.

2. Timely check the waterproof performance of the automatic stainless steel watch

Although there are differences in waterproofness, almost all Leedon automatic stainless steel watches are waterproof. However, it should be noted that the waterproof performance is not permanent. The rubber gasket used to block moisture of the watch will be elongated over time, and its service life will be slowly consumed after being subjected to the action of water, sunlight, sweat, or perfume. Therefore, it is necessary to send it back to the watch shop every few years to check the waterproof performance and replace the consumable parts such as the rubber gasket.

However, if your waterproof automatic watch only has ordinary waterproof ability, you should usually be more cautious about its protection. Please try not to let the watch contact with water, and clean it with a soft cloth. And the soft cloth should not be too wet, or it can not dry the water and even leave moisture. If you are worried that you might accidentally make the soft cloth too wet, a soft brush can also be used to brush the water firstly, and then wipe the watch with a dry and soft cloth.

3. Solution to the scratches on the mirror surface of the automatic stainless steel watch

Leedon automatic stainless steel watch uses sapphire crystal, which is very hard. However, it will still be scratched and produce small scars. If there are some slight scratches on the mirror surface of your watch, you don't need to take it to the watch shop immediately to replace the whole sapphire crystal. A scratch remover can solve scratches that are not very large. In general, the brightness of the mirror surface can be restored by applying a small amount of scratch remover on the scratches and wipe them.

4. Disassemble meter heads and watch bands for further cleaning

Here are some cleaning methods for watch bands. You can try to remove watch bands with tools, so that you can clean the places that are not usually wiped, such as some corners and crevices. You can first clean the case by using a soft cloth or jewelry wipe cloth. And silicone watch bands are easier to be cleaned.

For the watch that is equipped with a bracelet, you can also soak the bracelet in the jewelry cleaner and brush it with a soft brush. Please do not forget to wait until the watch is completely dry after the cleaning work is completed, and then put watch bands and meter heads back.