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1. What are the most common colors in watches?

When wearing a watch, in addition to the classic black and white color scheme, perhaps the most common one we see is blue. This color always reminds people of the ocean, the sky, and everything related to beauty, purity, mystery, and majesty.

2. How does blue gradually occupy our watches?

In the early days of the watch, blue was not popular, and watchmakers usually used it as an embellishment on the watch dial, such as blue steel hands, but it was not used on a large scale. With the prosperity of the watch market and the intensification of competition, watchmakers have to find ways to use some fresh design elements to enhance the competitiveness of their products. More and more people use the blue color on the watch dial, supplemented by various patterns. Blue, the dazzling but versatile color, has begun to conquer the trend of the watch world.

In the early days, watchmakers added blue to the watch dial and added wire drawing, checkered pattern, guilloché pattern, and enamel craftsmanship, which allowed watches to break away from the same simple colors and styles, presenting a fresh beauty in various poses. But because the industrial conditions are immature, the production efficiency of this kind of watch is not high, it has not been popular on a large scale.

After the 20th century, the watchmaking industry developed rapidly, and dials with bright colors and exquisite textures could be quickly produced by wrist watch manufacturers. All kinds of exquisite blue watches have become a trend, and they complement the traditional black and white color watches. It is a grand scene in the watch world. Among them, the most representative is the sudden emergence of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Blue Plate. Another pattern that forms a perfect match with blue watches is the sunburst pattern. With the center of the dial as the center of the circle, it draws out a density-free radiation pattern, like the sun's rays. Supplemented by the mysterious deep blue, it gives people a feeling of a vast starry sky.

Throughout the 20th century, blue dials have been quite popular, but in many cases, they are still paired with sports watches, and blue formal watches are still not very popular. When people match formal wear, the first thing they consider is a steady black and white watch. This trend has been changed since the 21st century. In this new era, the fashion industry has begun to re-examine the positioning of luxury goods, and the boundaries between formal wear, leisure and sportswear are becoming blurred. Watches are also affected by the trend. People no longer reject sports-style watches when matching formal wear. As a result, the frequency of appearances of blue watches has greatly increased.

Today, the blue watch has occupied third place in watch color matching. Blue has become a common beautiful scenery on people's wrists. As well-known wristwatch manufacturers at home and abroad, we can provide customers with a variety of high-quality blue watches, including blue leather watches, blue big dial watches for ladies, blue automatic watches for men, and so on.

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