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Many people will give priority to waterproof watches when choosing watches. At present, there are various women's water resistant watches and men's water resistant watches on the market for people to choose from. However, in daily life, the watch will inevitably get wet, and then people will say that the waterproof function of this watch is fake, and the watch is not be waterproof at all. So what kind of watch can be called a water resistant watch? Are waterproof watches really resistant to water ingress?

1. Waterproof level

The "WATER RESISTANT" on the back of the watch indicates that the watch is a water resistant watch, and the number behind it indicates the waterproof level of the watch, for example, 100 M, 10ATM means that it is 100 meters waterproof. And if there is no number marked at the back, it is generally waterproof for 20 meters by default, which means that the watch is normally waterproof to 10 or 20 meters. In daily life, you still need to be careful to prevent the watch from getting wet. If your watch accidentally touches water, you need to wipe it dry in time. When the waterproof level reaches 30 to 50 meters, the waterproof level of this watch reaches the level of daily life. You can take a shower and don't worry about rain, because the surface of this waterproof watch can resist a small amount of water splashing on it. If you wear a watch with a water resistance of 50 meters, you won't even have a big problem taking a bath. If the waterproof level is 100 to 200 meters, which is already very high then in daily life, there is almost no need to worry about water entering the watch, even if you take the watch to the swimming pool. However, it is not recommended to soak the watch for too long in hot water. Watches with a water resistance of more than 200 have reached the standard for diving watches. You can swim with this kind of watch in deep water for a long time without fear of water entering the watch. Soaking in water for a certain period of time can no longer do harm to this kind of watch. Basically, the grades of water resistant watches that ordinary people buy are between 10 and 50 meters, so you still need to pay more attention to the waterproof performance of the watch. So what exactly do you need to pay attention to when you wear a watch?

2. Daily watch waterproof tips

(1) It is difficult to prevent water vapor

Almost all watches are not suitable for prolonged exposure to hot water or staying in places like saunas, including women's water resistant watches and men's water resistant watches. Because waterproof does not mean that they can be protected against steam. Water vapor has a very high temperature, and high temperature also makes water vapor more permeable.

At the same time, because of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the high temperature also makes the gap of the watch larger. Under the combination of the two, it is difficult for a waterproof watch to be water resistant, so in daily life, everyone must be careful when the watch is exposed to water vapor for a long time.

(2) Depth is untrustworthy

Many people think that a waterproof of 10 meters means that the watch can remain normal under 10 meters of water. In theory, this is true. But when testing waterproof watches, manufacturers will not practically put the watch under 100 meters or even 200 meters of water. Instead, it is tested by increasing the atmospheric pressure, which is also called static testing. While the real underwater is dynamic,  the waterproof level is generally slightly higher, we should not challenge the waterproof depth in our daily life.

(3) Regular maintenance and timely repair

Regardless of women's water resistant watches or men's water resistant watches, no matter how good the quality is, the life span is very short without maintenance. And a well-maintained watch can even be used for decades, so when the watch accidentally gets wet, you must go to the counter for repair. The watch needs to be maintained in daily life, and the waterproof O-ring of the watch is regularly replaced to make the watch more durable.

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